Thursday, 15 August 2013

Monday, 3 June 2013

Maths - bar graphs statistics

We used an app called teaching graphs to make a bar graph. Then we surveyed everyone in the class. Here are my results.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Toss woollaston

In rm 8 we have been studying people who have made a difference. Here is some facts of one of them.


Born in [[Toko]], [[Taranaki Region|Taranaki]] in 1910, Woollaston studied art at the [[University of Canterbury|Canterbury School of Art]] in [[Christchurch]]. He became interested in [[modernism]] after moving to [[Dunedin]] to study with R N Field.

In 1934 he settled at Mapua, near [[Nelson, New Zealand|Nelson]], and married Edith Alexander two years later. You suck who. Evers reading thisThey became part of a circle of local artists and writers which included [[Colin McCahon]]. After [[World War II]] the Woollastons moved to [[Greymouth]], and the landscape of the [[West Coast, New Zealand|West Coast]] became a major feature in his art.

It was only from the 1960s that Woollaston was able to paint full-time; previously he had taken numerous part time jobs to support himself and his family.

As well as painting, Woollaston wrote, poetry in particular having been a lifelong passion. His books included ''The Far-away Hills'' in 1960, and ''Sage Tea'' (his autobiography) in 1980.

He was made a [[Knight Bachelor]] in 1979, being the first New Zealander to be knighted for his services to art ([[Peter Siddell]] being the second).

His son [[Philip Woollaston]] was the (Labour) Member of Parliament for [[Nelson (New Zealand electorate)|Nelson]] from 1981 to 1990.


Hello, goodbye...


Hello Autumn.

Goodbye Summer.

Hello thick jackets.

Goodbye thin singlets.

Hello power wasting heaters.

Goodbye cool Opened windows.

Hello cold freezing rain.

Goodbye seeing the amazing hot sun.

Hello dirty discussing mud.

Goodbye growing green grass.

Hello inside play.

Goodbye playing outside every day.


Car colour statistics Tally

This morning we went to tally the colour of cars that drove past our school. Silver was the most common colour.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Motivating pictures

Here I was just walking threw the forest tacking pictures of trees and plants that I liked. Then I herd a gigantic noise. So I ran around the corner and I saw a humongous avalanche. Then I ran as fast as I could and I just didn't want to ever stop. I finally saw somebody. I thought it couldn't be true and it wasn't two seconds later he got wiped out bye the avalanche. I thought my life was over but then suddenly the avalanche stopped and I was still alive. I was relieved and even better I saw my van. So then I got out of there and drove home.


It is blank.

Now there's a plank.

The man got in a rocket.

And he has a apple in his pocket.

If a ball pops.

It stops.

A baker.

Is a maker.

You look.

At a book.

Dam that grumpy old bee.

Soon I'm going to stuff it in the tree.

I gave my bunny a carrot.

But he through it back at my parrot.

I went to Japan.

My mum gave me her pan.

I'm in a bar.

Then my dad said tweet tweet stupid little star.

I had tea on a plate.

And so did my mate.

My life was great.

But now I'm living in a crate.